Friday, 23 November 2012

Brow Zing.

After months of deliberation, I finally went out & bought Benefits Brow Zings! At £22.50 it is a steep price to pay BUT I figured I was paying £12.50 for 'MAC Eyebrows' which is a twist up pencil that runs out after just two months (if it lasts that long!). The lady from the counter said she had had hers since January, that she uses it heavily every day & it was still going strong! So that was enough to sell it to me, as well as hearing nothing but good things from everyone.

I went for the shade Medium, as she said Dark is almost black. The packaging is conveniently compact, including a hard angle brush, a blending brush & some mini tweezers (so cute). Product wise you get a pigmented wax which you apply first with the hard angle brush, then you use the setting powder with the blending brush over it. I apologise for the awful picture of my brow, my camera has died & my charger is at my boyfriends house so I had to use my phone, I was also in a rush hence the poor make-up.

To be honest, on first use I'm not that in love with the product as I thought I would be! I feel the brown holds too much red undertones for my skin tone, especially in the light. I am also not used to applying a wax then powder, it's harder to blend than a pencil so that will take some getting used to. Although I do love the idea of the wax base. It looks more sleek & clean. I'm hoping to fall in love with this product after a couple uses as I feel its such a good product & looks amazing on everyone I know who uses it. We shall see.

Has anyone else used Brow Zings? Thanks for reading! :)


I have been a very bad blogger! I've just been mega busy with work and stuff, like friends 21st birthdays! I'm hoping to start getting more outfit posts done more often too as I feel I'm slacking in that area! As well as some other posts i have lined up! Hope you have a good day guys! :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Whilst in Bodycare picking up the essentials I found these babies, I forget the make of them now but it was just a cheap false nail company. The 'chrome' & 'metal' effects nails have been around for a while now & it's always been something I've meant to try so when I saw these falsies for £1.99 I was sold. At first I absolutely HATED them, I wasn't used to it & they looked strange. I filed them down to near enough my own nail length & now I'm in love! What a difference the length makes. Longer they look strange & for lack of a better word, 'hoochy'. I've received a craaazy amount of compliments on them. I'm so glad I tried it out! The pictures where rushed so I am sorry! What do you guys think of 'chrome' or 'Gold' effect nails?


St. Moriz tanning mitt £1.99, Istant Tanning mousse £2.99, Velvotan Body Polishing Sponge £1.99.
Soap & Glory Mist You Madly £3.50.
Crafted Jumper £30, Nails £1.99
Primark studded belt £2.50. 5 cross wasit belt £10 from Detour, urban outfitters copy.
Only Marl Skater Dress £15.
Crafted Skirt £30, Glamorous £24.
Crafted Leather Pin Stud Boots £45.

Been away from the land of blogging for a couple days, but in those days I've accumulated a couple things! Firstly, in the winter months I am starting to feel pretty pale so I have stocked up on some tanning materials! St Moriz is just awesome, easy application, no streaks, nice colour & cheap!! I have used it for years. A self tan mitt to avoid orange palms & I decided to try a 'body polishing sponge' as apposed to exfoliating gloves as I hate wearing those things anyways. I wanted a 'body mist' of some sort, something that I felt would freshen me up rather than a spray, so I got this one by Soap & Glory. Its got a lovely scent & does exactly what I wanted it to! Its handbag size & has pretty packaging.

It's uniform time in work (which means free things yay!) so I decided to get this Crafted Handknit jumper, it's not as frumpy as it looks in this picture (these where taken in such a rush), it's comfy & slightly dipped at the back. I think it was a wise choice as it gets freezing in the shop! The second picture is my current nails which I will post on also! 

I picked up a couple new belts & mine are falling apart! I got this simple studded belt from Primark & stumbled across this exact Urban Outfitters copy 5 Cross Belt in a random shop in Rhyl at £10 it's £8 cheaper than the UO version, pleased!

I got this plain marl skater dress last week, it's just a perfect edition to my wardrobe. I've been after one for a while from Topshop but they where always sold out when I looked, so when this came into work I snapped it up! Its so plain but looks so good on, dressed up or down. 

Two items crossed off my wishlist! I got this PU Pleated skirt on my uniform too, yay! & this Glamorous beehive jumper is not my usual choice of colour, but I love it. Its big without being downing, comfy, warm & looks amazing with a shirt underneath!

FINALLY! I got some winter boots! I chose these ones from my work, after searching high & low everywhere else these babies came in & I love them! They don't make your feet look huge like some boots (I tried some size 5s in Topshop that made my feet look like boats!). They're comfy & the heel doesn't feel like a heel at all. I can't wait to get my wear out of them! I totally forgot to take my own picture of these so an internet one will have to do! Hope you enjoyed! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Total: £184.97

Glamorous have given bloggers a £200 wishlist challenge! I love Glamorous, I work in Republic which stocks them & I am always devastated we can't get Glamorous on our uniform aha! These are a few bits I've been lusting over. I've loved the studded Cross Blouse since I first saw it. I think it will look amazing teamed with the Beehive Sweater over the top when out & about in the cold. The Studded Biker Jacket is a staple item this autumn/winter, this one feels heavy & thick which is what you want in the winter months! I've also really wanted a pair of Navy Disco Pants so these are just perfect since I've been wearing my black ones to death. They're so versatile for something so shiny, it's amazing. Finally two pairs of shoes, these heeled Ankle Boots are just too cute with their mini platform, I've been looking for the perfect boots for too long & these may be them! The skull studded flats are another favourite of mine, I probably own way too many studded items but you can never have too many, especially when they're cute little skulls! What would you get?

Everyday face.

Myself looking moody as ever, I do apologise. This morning whilst getting ready to wander into town I decided to do an 'Everyday Face' post, what I wear make-up wise almost every day. Scroll down to see images of all the products then the lists of what they are.

Face; MAC Studio Fix Fluid £20.50, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder £21, Mac Powder Blush in Fluer Power £17.50, Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer £3.99, Two Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter £23.50, L'oreal Paris Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer £10.29. Champneys Foundation Brush £17.50, Royal Brush £3.

Eyes; Topshop Smokey eyes brush £7, MAC Eyebrows £12.50, Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner £7.99, Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadow in Stir £15, MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon £12, Collection 2000 Highlighter in Copacabana £2, Maybelline Falsies Intense Black Mascara £7.99, Royal Concealer Brush £2.

Lips; MAC Lipstick in Please Me.

It definitely shocks me when I take a step back to see what I actually use altogether, I was even more shocked to realise how much I actually spend, I knew it would be alot but once totalled, the products I use day to day comes to a hefty £183.76. Eeek! Considering I use a mixture of high-end/high-street products too. 

I'll give a brief insight into the products I use & why. I use an anti-redness primer to begin with, I find it really does get rid of any redness & gives a nice base to work on. MAC foundation purely because it is amazing, it lasts so long on the skin & in the bottle. It's a perfect match for my skin type, along with the Skinfinish powder which is packed full of minerales too, it keeps my skin matte without looking too cakey. I use a Rimmel bronzer along my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose and along my jawline. Its cheap & does the job, its a matte bronzer so it makes an excellent contour product. I then use the Two faced powder highlighter along the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose, cupids bow & chin. It gives such a nice healthy glow (review here). Finally I finish off with a light dusting of Fluer Power blusher on the apples of my cheeks, it's SUCH a strong pink so I can layer it up depending on the look I'm going for!

On my brows MACs Eyebrows is my fave although it doesn't last long at all in the tube, it's a twist up eyebrow pencil & it stays on all day/night. I wear the colour Spiked but I used to wear Strut. Maybellines gel liner is just soo good. Its not a bad price & it really does last. I'm not sure about the 24hrs that they claim but I wouldn't put it past it! It's such an easy application with the brush you get with it, one of my fave high street products. Macs Carbon is the perfect long-lasting matte black, I use the angled side of Topshops smokey eyes brush to apply it along my liner and use the smudge side to apply it under my eyes lightly. I use the Collection 2000 cream highlighter wherever I think needs it, under my brows or cupids bow. Same with the Illamasqua cream shadow, usually under my brows. Lastly I use Maybellines falsies mascara. I have been through so many different mascaras, almost all the high street brands, MAC, Benefit etc & for the price, you really can't beat this Mascara. For me it is just the bad boy of mascaras & after spending a fortune on high end brands I regret not just sticking with this!

Finally, my all time favourite MAC shade, Please Me. After trying all the matte pinks MAC has to offer, Snob & Pink Plaid are close seconds. Its a light-medium creamy matte pink. It's my staple 'go to' lipstick. It's so perfect for everyday wear, it doesn't shout pink, wears well & is perfect for my pale skin.

Hope you enjoyed my everyday (moody lookin') face! :) 

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly in Blueberry. I will start by saying, I absolutely ADORE this nail colour. Since I put it on last night it's been one of those days where I'm just constantly looking at it aha! I've had a fair few compliments on it too today in work as it does really stand out. It reminds me of Collection 2000s 'BMX Biker' which is another of my favourite shades, although they are very different, BMX Biker is more purple but when I picked up this shade I thought it would be similar on. As far as the 'Hi-Shine' goes on these polishes to be fair, they are no more shiney than usual. I just think the formula is a lot different & like I said with 2 other shades from this collection, 'jelly like' which I really love. It goes on almost opaque & in 2 coats its perfect. In love with this polish, I can see me reaching for this colour a lot! 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :) 

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Earlier this week was nominated for a Leibster award by Jade from h! I was unsure what this was but I have found it is for aspiring newer blogs with under 200 followers! So Thankyou :)

Here are the rules
1.When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you and post the link to his/her blog in your post. 
2. Post eleven random things about yourself
3. Answer the eleven questions that the tagger has set for you and post your answers to your blog
4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers with under 200 followers. Link their pages in your post and create eleven questions for them to answer.
5. Go to their pages and tell them.
6. No tag backs!

My 11 random things;
1. I can't handle not wearing any nail varnish, I get anxious and conscious of my hands.
2. I am originally from Birkenhead, I moved to Wales when I was 11, then to Chester when I was 19.
3. I have very bendy thumbs.
4. My favourite flower is a pink Lily.
5. My music taste is completely varied & ridiculous.
6. I drive a silver Clio.
7. My eyes are blue/grey depending on the weather with my right eye having a tiny brown speck in it.
8. I am happily in a relationship with my gorgeous boy :)
9. I love Deadpool.
10. I have 4 siblings, a brother, half-bro, half-sis & step-sis. 17yrs, 7mnths, 2yrs & 6yrs. Crazy.
11. I will quite happily play the x-box/ps3 for a whole day/night.

11 questions set by Jade for me to answer!

1. How old are you?
I am 21.

2. What is the reason for starting your blog?
I enjoy reading up on other peoples reviews, seeing outfits & styles, so I wanted to put my own input into the world of blogging!

3. Can you speak any other languages?
I can speak some welsh, understand most of it.

4. Whats your favourite season, and why?
I couldn't choose! I love summer for the weather, clothes, trips to the beach, camping! But I also love the christmas season & the feeling of Autumn. 

5. Favourite make up/beauty brand?
Make-up wise I would say MAC. At one point 99% of my make-up bag consited of it but I have been skint & had to not repurchase things :(. I also love Barry M polish!

6. Drugstore or High end?
Both! There are so many products I love on both sides.

7. Favourite guilty pleasure tv show
Come Dine With Me.

8. Where is your favourite place to shop? (clothes wise)
Topshop! Republic (because I get discount aha)

9. How did you come up with your blog name?
My boyfriend calls me Babydoll, but it was taken, so awhh babydoll will do.

10. What is your favourite drugstore brand of makeup?
Maybelline is all I really use.

11. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Really looking into the product/creating the styles. Everything! 

11 Bloggers to Nominate for the Lebister Award;
Harriet Olvia

Unfortunately I don't know of a lot of 'new' blogs yet! :( So get commenting/following & I will check out your blog :)

My Questions are!;

1. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
2. Cats or Dogs?
3. How old is your favourite pair of shoes?
4. Do you work, if so, where?
5. Why did you start your blog?
6. What are you doing tomorrow?
7. What is your favourite brand of make-up?
8. Falsies or natural nails?
9. What where you for Halloween?
10. Have you done the Gangham style dance yet?
11. Favourite thing to wear, casual/dressed up?

Thanks guys, sorry I couldn't tag 11 people, I genuinely don't know any other than ones that are already doing amazingly well for themselves! Hope you enjoyed!

All Hallows Eve.

Hello lovelies! I have been away for a few days hiding out at my boyfriends house over Halloweeeeeeen! Which is probably my favourite holiday. I love dressing up & everything scary! We didn't really make any plans until last minute, ended up out with a bunch of friends in his hometown & literally had the best night. I managed to pierce my lip with my (clip on teeth) fangs from laughing so much. Making the whole vampy look was so fun too, apart from jabbing myself in the eye a few times trying to put the contacts in. I really enjoyed it. 

Hope you guys had an awesome allll hallows eve!!