Friday, 26 October 2012


Topshop have brought out a "Dark Side of Nude" collection this A/W. I bought a lipstick in the colour 'Wicked'. It was £9 which is £1 more expensive than their core collection lipsticks but the packaging is completely different! It's all matte black with black geometric shapes in gloss which is really what caught my eye. The packaging really is SO much better than their standard white/black which although cute I think can slightly cheapen the items. 

When I first opened this lipstick I never thought I would like it as it's extremely dark, almost  a plummy brown in certain light. When I swatched it on my hand it was a totally different story! It is a stunning dark raspberry toned red which I have been looking for but am always scared to try because I'm super pale most of the time. My second thought was how vampy it looks, perfect for my halloween idea! On trying the lipstick on my lips I'm in love with it, It goes on so smoothy and opaque with the lovely scent I always associate Topshop lipsticks with. It fades into a lovely 'just-bitten' berry look which is also nice. I used this lipstick with lipcote which I find takes away some of the gloss as I prefer matte lipsticks & it makes it last all day! So glad I bought this item :)

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Jewellery, Republic & Topshop
Nail varnish, Barry m (my post).

Today! This tunic from Topshop is one of my favourite oversized type tee's. I love the asymmetric cut-out sleeve & the fact it's big enough for me to hide in. I have it in grey too & they're both now in the sale! Its easy to dress it up with a big statement necklace like this one & worn with the infamous Disco Pant it makes the outfit look a bit less like a plain t-shit/leggings combo. The jacket by Vila is another one of my faves recently. I like that the camouflage print is faded instead of the bold prints I've seen about, I think it makes it more wearable. It has ties round the middle so you can make it more fitted & cute collar tips too! I wore my plain black Vans today, they're so comfy & I've yet to invest in a good winter boot as I'm having a hard time choosing, but as it gets colder, so do my ankles! 
Hope you enjoyed :) 


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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rose Quartz.

Ohh so I bought this Barry M polish yesterday. I bought a couple in the 3 for 2 offer & got this one just to try. In the bottle it doesn't look anything amazing, just a slightly pinky glitter with small particles & hexagonal ones. In the photograph some of the small particles show blue but you can't really see that on the nails. The polish hasn't photographed nearly as well on the nails as it looks! It's beautiful. It was easy to apply & took 3 coats to achieve this. 2 may have been enough but I did 3 to be sure. At £2.99 (technically free in the 3 for 2) it's an amazing price! I'm so glad I picked it up, it's so wintery/cute/christmassy. Gah. I'm sure it will be a nightmare to remove though as glitter polishes always are! Hope you enjoyed :) 


So last minute Halloween preparations are in place, I thought I would be working at 9am the day after but I actually don't need to be in until 11! This calls for a celebration (of the undead)! I've decided I want to do something vampy! I have the Crafted mullet skirt from a few months back, I think it's perfect for that vampy cape look! Paired with my spiked JC's & a Miso mesh body I think it could look awesome! The mesh body is on sale in Republic, may pick one up tomorrow but if not I'm going to wear a cropped burgundy tank from Topshop with a spiked necklace. I bought 'Wicked' from the Dark Side Of Nude collection today, I have yet to try it but I imagen it will be perfect! I just need to pick up some cheap fangs/contacts & I will be set! 

Anyone else dressing up? :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gelly Hi-Shine.

Barry M recently released a new line of nail paints called 'Gelly Hi Shine' in 9 different shades, I spotted them the other week but have only recently tried out this shade! The pictures where slightly rushed and my nails are a state so I do apologise. I actually bought Pomegranate & Grapefruit. I have worn Grapefruit already but didn't get a picture! They both apply ridiculously well, one coat is almost opaque but two is perfect. It goes on very thick and smoothly, almost like 'Gelly'. I found Grapefruit to be extremely hard wearing too, I wore it for a week and only removed it today, no chips what so ever! Perfect. I had been in work on delivery shifts too which involves picking up heavy plastic boxes, pulling off plastic tags and ripping open plastic bags with my nails. So I thought that was impressive. This shade seemed a lot darker in store and I was slightly disappointed when I saw it in the daylight, none the less a lovely shade. I have my eye on Blueberry (a light blue) & Prickly Pear (a lilac) next!

Hope you enjoyed, 

Goth life.

So this is my current 'wish-list' a highly condensed one at that. Unfortunately my adult head is now on & I am trying to savesavesave. Still doesn't stop me browsing/pining/sulking.

From top left to right;

1 - Missguided Black Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves.  £34.99
I adore this jacket, it's a nice change to the military style kahki jacket with leather sleeves. I'm considering maybe indulging in this one as one can never have too many jackets in this british weather?

2 - Crafted PU Mini Skirt  £30
I already have a pleated black skirt from Topshop but it's slightly dip hemmed & shiny material as apposed to PU. I just think this would be amazing to dress up/down & as I work in Republic I'm thinking of maybe getting this as part of my uniform allowance this season. It satisfies (for lack of a better word) my taste for gothic styles this autumn..

3 - Urban Outfitters Waist Belt £18
I have been looking for a belt like this for SO long, it's not even a bad price & I can imagen it would go with everything, making plain dresses & skirts I have more exciting. I originally searched for something similar to the Moschino belt without the hefty price tag. They also have an 'amour' belt I quite like.

4 - Topshop Stunner heels  £85
Literally fell in love with these in the shop. They are the perfect balance between heel and wedge. Unfortunately at that price they will have to remain on the wish list. If I was a few inches shorter (at 5'6 I stand at almost 6' in these bad boys) I would definitely invest as an every day winter boot, but unfortunately I would feel too large for every day aha.

5 - Missguided Mystic Symbols tee £11.99
A fun little tee, I'm in love with anything to do with the 'all seeing eye' at the moment and this is just a great little graphic print. Something I've been looking for that doesn't involve owls.

6 - Missguided Naughts & Crosses tights £5.99
Currently enjoying sheer tights as aposed to opaque, I feel they break up an outfit more as apposed to block colours on your legs, especially when wearing a black top or dress. I think these are just an awesome alternative to all over patterned tights or 'suspender' tights. I am just worried about paying £5.99 for a pair then laddering them first time as I seem to be getting through a million pairs of primarnis finest.

Hope you enjoyed,

Two Faced.

Two Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo. So I bought this today after debating over it soo many times in Boots. I’ve never bought any Two Faced products before as I find the packaging sort of off-putting but this product has always caught my eye! I’ve been looking for a powder highlighter for sooo long that is white/pink without golden tint. At £23.50 it’s pretty pricey but it was a toss up between this one or Albatross by Nars & I figured for the extra £1.50 at least I’m getting the pinky shade with this one too. I swatched it quickly on my hand and fell in looove. The picture shows the two mixed together, the white by itself, then the pink alone too. Obviously as it’s a highlighter you can’t really see it unless I move my hand around but there is a slight difference between all three.

 I've been using this for a while now & I find that you do have to use quite a lot of product to get a very noticeable shimmer, which I like as I can control how much product I need either for a subtle highlight or a noticeable glow. Great product although very pricey!

Hope you enjoyed,


Lilacism by Essie. I’m a bit of a nail varnish addict, there was a point where I couldn’t enter Boots/Superdrug (or even asda) without leaving with one BUT I’ve never tried an Essie polish! at £7.99 these are fairly pricey but I couldn’t find a similar colour in any of the cheaper brands so this to me is worth it aha.. The formula is so pigmented, one coat was almost opaque. I applied two coats & it dried super fast! As I’m giving my nails a break from falsies you’ll have to excuse the state of them. I teamed this polish with one coat of Barry M Hollogram & I looove it, it’s soo wintery & pretty. I will definitely be buying more Essie polishes. 

Hope you enjoyed,