Thursday, 25 October 2012


So last minute Halloween preparations are in place, I thought I would be working at 9am the day after but I actually don't need to be in until 11! This calls for a celebration (of the undead)! I've decided I want to do something vampy! I have the Crafted mullet skirt from a few months back, I think it's perfect for that vampy cape look! Paired with my spiked JC's & a Miso mesh body I think it could look awesome! The mesh body is on sale in Republic, may pick one up tomorrow but if not I'm going to wear a cropped burgundy tank from Topshop with a spiked necklace. I bought 'Wicked' from the Dark Side Of Nude collection today, I have yet to try it but I imagen it will be perfect! I just need to pick up some cheap fangs/contacts & I will be set! 

Anyone else dressing up? :)

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