Friday, 26 October 2012


Topshop have brought out a "Dark Side of Nude" collection this A/W. I bought a lipstick in the colour 'Wicked'. It was £9 which is £1 more expensive than their core collection lipsticks but the packaging is completely different! It's all matte black with black geometric shapes in gloss which is really what caught my eye. The packaging really is SO much better than their standard white/black which although cute I think can slightly cheapen the items. 

When I first opened this lipstick I never thought I would like it as it's extremely dark, almost  a plummy brown in certain light. When I swatched it on my hand it was a totally different story! It is a stunning dark raspberry toned red which I have been looking for but am always scared to try because I'm super pale most of the time. My second thought was how vampy it looks, perfect for my halloween idea! On trying the lipstick on my lips I'm in love with it, It goes on so smoothy and opaque with the lovely scent I always associate Topshop lipsticks with. It fades into a lovely 'just-bitten' berry look which is also nice. I used this lipstick with lipcote which I find takes away some of the gloss as I prefer matte lipsticks & it makes it last all day! So glad I bought this item :)

Hope you enjoyed,


  1. This really suits you! I'm really pale too but way too scared of shades like this when they'd probably actually suit me haha! Love your blog too, it's really cute XO

    Please check out my blog if you get a chance, I've just started out and any comments or followers would mean the world to me <3

    1. Yess, definately try it! I havent had a chance to get on my laptop (writing from my phone!) But I will definately have a look & drop you a comment :)! Thankyou so much! xx

  2. Love this! Your lips are the perfect shape haha xo

  3. have to agree, you do have beautiful lips and this colour totally emphasises them in the right way :) I haven't tried any of the topshop cosmetics but I may have to take a peek soon! I've been on the lookout for a colour like this. Thanks for sharing x