Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Goth life.

So this is my current 'wish-list' a highly condensed one at that. Unfortunately my adult head is now on & I am trying to savesavesave. Still doesn't stop me browsing/pining/sulking.

From top left to right;

1 - Missguided Black Denim Jacket with Leather Sleeves.  £34.99
I adore this jacket, it's a nice change to the military style kahki jacket with leather sleeves. I'm considering maybe indulging in this one as one can never have too many jackets in this british weather?

2 - Crafted PU Mini Skirt  £30
I already have a pleated black skirt from Topshop but it's slightly dip hemmed & shiny material as apposed to PU. I just think this would be amazing to dress up/down & as I work in Republic I'm thinking of maybe getting this as part of my uniform allowance this season. It satisfies (for lack of a better word) my taste for gothic styles this autumn..

3 - Urban Outfitters Waist Belt £18
I have been looking for a belt like this for SO long, it's not even a bad price & I can imagen it would go with everything, making plain dresses & skirts I have more exciting. I originally searched for something similar to the Moschino belt without the hefty price tag. They also have an 'amour' belt I quite like.

4 - Topshop Stunner heels  £85
Literally fell in love with these in the shop. They are the perfect balance between heel and wedge. Unfortunately at that price they will have to remain on the wish list. If I was a few inches shorter (at 5'6 I stand at almost 6' in these bad boys) I would definitely invest as an every day winter boot, but unfortunately I would feel too large for every day aha.

5 - Missguided Mystic Symbols tee £11.99
A fun little tee, I'm in love with anything to do with the 'all seeing eye' at the moment and this is just a great little graphic print. Something I've been looking for that doesn't involve owls.

6 - Missguided Naughts & Crosses tights £5.99
Currently enjoying sheer tights as aposed to opaque, I feel they break up an outfit more as apposed to block colours on your legs, especially when wearing a black top or dress. I think these are just an awesome alternative to all over patterned tights or 'suspender' tights. I am just worried about paying £5.99 for a pair then laddering them first time as I seem to be getting through a million pairs of primarnis finest.

Hope you enjoyed,

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