Friday, 23 November 2012

Brow Zing.

After months of deliberation, I finally went out & bought Benefits Brow Zings! At £22.50 it is a steep price to pay BUT I figured I was paying £12.50 for 'MAC Eyebrows' which is a twist up pencil that runs out after just two months (if it lasts that long!). The lady from the counter said she had had hers since January, that she uses it heavily every day & it was still going strong! So that was enough to sell it to me, as well as hearing nothing but good things from everyone.

I went for the shade Medium, as she said Dark is almost black. The packaging is conveniently compact, including a hard angle brush, a blending brush & some mini tweezers (so cute). Product wise you get a pigmented wax which you apply first with the hard angle brush, then you use the setting powder with the blending brush over it. I apologise for the awful picture of my brow, my camera has died & my charger is at my boyfriends house so I had to use my phone, I was also in a rush hence the poor make-up.

To be honest, on first use I'm not that in love with the product as I thought I would be! I feel the brown holds too much red undertones for my skin tone, especially in the light. I am also not used to applying a wax then powder, it's harder to blend than a pencil so that will take some getting used to. Although I do love the idea of the wax base. It looks more sleek & clean. I'm hoping to fall in love with this product after a couple uses as I feel its such a good product & looks amazing on everyone I know who uses it. We shall see.

Has anyone else used Brow Zings? Thanks for reading! :)

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