Wednesday, 14 November 2012


St. Moriz tanning mitt £1.99, Istant Tanning mousse £2.99, Velvotan Body Polishing Sponge £1.99.
Soap & Glory Mist You Madly £3.50.
Crafted Jumper £30, Nails £1.99
Primark studded belt £2.50. 5 cross wasit belt £10 from Detour, urban outfitters copy.
Only Marl Skater Dress £15.
Crafted Skirt £30, Glamorous £24.
Crafted Leather Pin Stud Boots £45.

Been away from the land of blogging for a couple days, but in those days I've accumulated a couple things! Firstly, in the winter months I am starting to feel pretty pale so I have stocked up on some tanning materials! St Moriz is just awesome, easy application, no streaks, nice colour & cheap!! I have used it for years. A self tan mitt to avoid orange palms & I decided to try a 'body polishing sponge' as apposed to exfoliating gloves as I hate wearing those things anyways. I wanted a 'body mist' of some sort, something that I felt would freshen me up rather than a spray, so I got this one by Soap & Glory. Its got a lovely scent & does exactly what I wanted it to! Its handbag size & has pretty packaging.

It's uniform time in work (which means free things yay!) so I decided to get this Crafted Handknit jumper, it's not as frumpy as it looks in this picture (these where taken in such a rush), it's comfy & slightly dipped at the back. I think it was a wise choice as it gets freezing in the shop! The second picture is my current nails which I will post on also! 

I picked up a couple new belts & mine are falling apart! I got this simple studded belt from Primark & stumbled across this exact Urban Outfitters copy 5 Cross Belt in a random shop in Rhyl at £10 it's £8 cheaper than the UO version, pleased!

I got this plain marl skater dress last week, it's just a perfect edition to my wardrobe. I've been after one for a while from Topshop but they where always sold out when I looked, so when this came into work I snapped it up! Its so plain but looks so good on, dressed up or down. 

Two items crossed off my wishlist! I got this PU Pleated skirt on my uniform too, yay! & this Glamorous beehive jumper is not my usual choice of colour, but I love it. Its big without being downing, comfy, warm & looks amazing with a shirt underneath!

FINALLY! I got some winter boots! I chose these ones from my work, after searching high & low everywhere else these babies came in & I love them! They don't make your feet look huge like some boots (I tried some size 5s in Topshop that made my feet look like boats!). They're comfy & the heel doesn't feel like a heel at all. I can't wait to get my wear out of them! I totally forgot to take my own picture of these so an internet one will have to do! Hope you enjoyed! 

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  1. Awesome haul :)I love the grey dress and pleated leather look skirt. Number one on my list for this season! I have the Mist You Madly and it just smells so fresh and feminine :) Thanks for sharing x